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Your Music Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Aug 26, 2015

Matt and Rich cover Day One of the Heavy Montreal Festival 2015. Bands covered:

Gorguts, Anonymus, Beyond Creation, Meshuggah, Arch Enemy, Extreme, Alexis on Fire, Veil of Maya, Neurosis, Korn

Aug 18, 2015

Matt and Rich tell Eric about the Cleric show he missed, as well as all the crazy gear, jams, demos, and random crap from the NAMM show. The one in January. So if you missed it, and you haven't had internet access for 7 months, don't sleep on this episode!

Stuff discussed: Caparison Guitars, Aristides Guitars,...

Aug 11, 2015

Rich and I went to see a Yacht Rock cover band. It wasn't as smooth as we'd hoped.

Aug 4, 2015

Jamie and I discuss a supposed hardcore sub-genre called "Beat Down."